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A Weird Dream

I have a weird dream. A dream of being famous. A dream of performing in different stages around the world. May it be in the form of theater, singing, dancing. what ever it is. I want to make a name for myself and for my country. A dream that I just discovered while I was growing up.

It’s not bad to dream. nor is it a sin. Actually, a dream is something that keeps us pushing ourselves to reach it. An inspiration we can actually use to keep ourselves going.

My dream is to become and artist. really. A dream I just discovered while I was in high School. I love to perform. I love to be on stage. I love to use my skills and show it to people. Not to be a show off, but to be someone who’s proud to be a part of God’s creation. That’s what i really want to do.

Though my dad don’t really approve of me, shifting to an Art connected course, my mom would support me. And this really makes me wonder if I should continue my dream or not. Its hard for me because it involves my parents. If only it was fine with my dad, I would’ve shifted a long time ago.the

The truth is, to be a doctor was my dream since I was a kid. When I finally came to college, I chose a Medical related course. So I chose MedTech. Now, I miss performing. Now, i need to read and read and read. I don’t read much but, I mean, it’s something I’m really not used to. I’m more interested in listening to music, watching movies/series and making my own dance steps.

I really want to perform on stage. I really want to do auditions and stuff. can i still do that? i mean, Im in the middle of studying my med course. Should i still continue this dream? Is this God’s will for me? Or performing is just another thing i need to set aside? They say follow your dreams. But I don’t know whether this dream would bring me success and if it is really what God wants me to be.

Dancing is My Life ♥

My Partner, Renz and I on our Waltz Routine

Taken: March 1, 2012 @ SM North EDSA Sky Dome

Credits: Ghienel Sargan♥

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Top 1000 Blogs!

My 3 Tumblrblogs and Blogspot

I’m so proud to say that my 4 blogs are included in the Top 1000 blogs in the Philippines! \:D/

Yes, I know, I’m that shallow, but it’s an accomplishment for me to be included in that list! ♥

It’s hard managing 4 blogs, yet, I still manage too. =)))

All glory to GOD who gave me the skills to write and share my thoughts to all of you! >:D<

BTW, You can view my Blogspot here :)

Hope you enjoy all my blogs! :D

God Bless, everyone! ♥